Sponsor A Child 

Now more than ever we need our children to receive high quality education that stimulates their curiosity and provides the skills necessary to face the challenges ahead. 


With your donation, HELP INC. (Claremont Tutors) can continue to provide engaging and affordable academic assistance for students during this transition to online learning.  Due to the shift to remote and distance learning, many students have been left behind by systems that do not support students who require one-on-one attention to success. 


Our mission is to supply academic assistance for ALL students, including those with learning disabilities/IEPs, low income, at-risk youth, ESL students, and more.  By donating to this non profit, HELP, INC. (501c3), we can combat this educational crisis by providing more private tutoring sessions for families impacted by COVID, offer accessible and less expensive virtual enrichment courses and supply our hard working tutors with advanced technology and learning applications to facilitate learning for all types of students.  In order to overcome this difficult time in our nation’s history, we need to think about the children. 


Please donate what you can and spread the word.  Every dollar helps!  For more information check out our website, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

1 Lesson=$30

1 Month (4 Lessons)