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Founded in 2005 by two students attending the Claremont Colleges, Claremont Tutors is a professional tutor referral service.


What makes us different is that we are not like most of the mass marketing tutor platforms that you see out there. The ones that host huge databases of every tutor they can find.


Instead, we personally interview each and every applicant that applies to become a tutor. No tutor is automatically accepted based on credentials alone. We take our time during the vetting process and take into consideration their academic achievements, past tutoring experience, schedule, subject strengths, and personality. We are very selective during this process and have an acceptance rate of only 40%.

​We consider ourselves as a niche boutique tutoring agency that takes pride in making meaningful connections between tutors and families. We like to get to know our clients/students, so we contact you by phone and ask questions to learn more about your students learning habits, interests, and personality before making a connection with our tutors. That way, you are not just making a blind decision based on browsing a list of hundreds of online profiles but rather based on the recommendation of a tutor coordinator who has a deeper understanding of the personalized academic assistance you need.

Traditionally we provide sessions in-home & on-site (at a public location) but because of the pandemic, we are now holding all sessions online.

That's right - your tutor is just a click away! 

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