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Interview with Claremont Tutors' Mark Ralph and clients Kelly Carson and daughter Julene.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

In this informative, inspiring and often touching interview, Mark Ralph, the president of Claremont Tutors, brings to light one of the many real-life, transformational success stories CT has had a hand in over the last decade and more. Claremont High School star student Julene Carson and her mother, Kelly, describe Julene's path from struggling with math and other subjects in early grade school and how the turnaround that CT's skilled tutors consistently provided all along her scholastic journey, culminating in the stellar accomplishments she now has achieved as a direct result. Julene and Kelly recount how the one-on-one assistance, understanding and inspiration that CT's top-rated Graduate School-level tutors consistently brought imbued in Julene a passion and excitement for learning and excelling that not only helped propel her to the top of her class, but brought unexpected, welcome collateral improvements in her life overall.

Now a CHS senior, about to graduate with a 4.2 GPA and among those in the Advanced Placement group at CHS, Julene already has substantial scholarship offers and acceptance to top-tier colleges in-hand. Julene and Kelly both honestly credit the quality, influence and value of Mark Ralph's Claremont Tutors as being absolutely key to that success. This episode ought to be required listening for parents who want to enable their offspring to achieve better grades, go to better colleges, get better jobs and as a result, live better lives. Enjoying listening to Kelly and Julene extoll, in their own voice and words, the advantages provided by Claremont Tutors is a time-investment every parent, student and even CUSD educators should make without hesitation.


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